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rain appreciation post



A preview of things to come.

Reminder that this is for Cronus and not Eridan or Dualscar since they have no part in this project, mmkay bye.

Late ass submission for Illusions ; w ; 

I hope I my first hashimada fic.

Rated M for the obvious reasons ;> 

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So I finally wrote my first hashimada fanfic. This was originally the idea I had for the hashimadaminibang event day set for Illusions but I had to work a 3-12pm shift and was dead tired and forgot till now.

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Hashirama prepare thy anus !


Five Nights at Freddy’s video will be up pretty soon!



eh bet yu aher ehwl glehd tu seh meh in sehsen tuu..


「無題」 | by 大怒羅
Translation by Seraphx3

True loves kiss from prince charming Hashirama will wake the sleeping Madara. I’m not gonna say ‘true loves first kiss’ cause that is a damn lie.

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